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P-28 Protein Bread

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ATTENTION: Summer Shipping, Bread Products will only be shipped out Mondays to Wednesdays to Ensure Freshness. Only Full case options are available during the summer months.
P28 was developed by three brothers in the bakery business and their personal trainer/nutritionist. The three of us were overweight and out of shape. We wanted to lose weight and get back into shape quickly.

P28 is proud to offer our all-new P28 High Protein Spreads. Our P28 Spreads are an extremely delicious and nutritious addition to any of our P28 Bread products. Whether you love our Bread, Bagels, Flats, or all You Can Add Some Spread to your Bread! Add two tablespoons of P28 Peanut Butter Spread to a slice of P28 Bread, and you've got 28 grams of PROTEIN!